About Our Basketball Training

Dribble Stick Training offers one-of-a-kind basketball training system developed by former pro basketball player and college coach Luke Lloyd. This unique program remains the only one of its kind on the market that improves player’s dribbling, shooting, footwork and agility skills.

Our basketball training program brings professional experience and proven training to players of all ages and skill levels. Coach Luke Lloyd’s hundreds of successful dribble stick graduates are a testament to the results this program produces.

At Dribble Stick Training we combine our specialized basketball training products with an online app, additional training tools and free progressive workouts designed to challenge athletes of all skill levels. Made from lightweight, aircraft aluminum, the dribble stick teaches fundamentals with game-like simulations that force you to improve your skills.

We also offer group, team and individual one-on-one training for all skill levels — from beginner to expert.

For more information about our basketball training from the experts at Dribble Stick Training, contact us here or call us directly at 810.429.0790.