Dribble Stick 2.0 Virtual Training Bundle


  • FREE ONE MONTH SKILL CHALLENGES – Combine the power of human & tech intelligence. You will have access to our one month skills challenge. You will receive exclusive On-Demand instructions breaking down your workout assignments for that week. Complete a pre-test measuring your baseline and report the results in a private group chat with Luke Lloyd.
  • FREE APP ACCESS – Includes move by move training videos.
  • EXCLUSIVE TRAINING WORKBOOK – Record your scores and track your progress. Our charts make it easy to follow along and document your improvements.
  • IMAGINE MASTERING CONTROL OF DRIBBLING A BASKETBALL WITH DRIBBLE STICK 2.0 – You will never find a faster way to perfect your dribbling skills than with Dribble Stick 2.0.
  • THE MOST VERSATILE FULLY ADJUSTABLE BASKETBALL TRAINING TOOL AVAILABLE – Dribble Stick 2.0 sticks adjust to various heights to make workouts dynamic and mimic a defender guarding you.
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