Pat the Rock DST Bundle


Get 3 products in our special edition Pat the Rock Dribble Stick Bundle – Pat the Rock Dribble Stick 2.0, Dribble Bands & Workbook!

Dribble Stick
Made from lightweight, aircraft aluminum –– our product teaches the fundamentals of shooting, dribbling and plays like the pros. Two flexible arms extend from the aluminum base, allowing players to quicken their footwork and agility skills. Players also work through stationary, handballing and plyometric drills, which include dribbling and jump shots.

Dribble Bands
Do you want to develop stronger handles?  Want to increase your dribbling speed? Dribble bands weight wristbands were created to help you take your ball-handling to the next level.

Record your scores and track your progress with Dribble Stick Training’s workbook. Our charts make it easy to follow along and document your improvements. Make following along with basketball workouts simple with our workbook.

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