What Dribble Stick Training Users Say…

Simply the BEST trainer with the BEST training tool around!!

– Brian


I purchased the Dribble Stick for my 13 year old son to practice with outside and gain more confidence on the court. The stick is easy to assemble and the arms are adjustable. Overall a great training tool!

– Tim


As one that has coached youth basketball, I tend to be rather critical of these sorts of clinics/camps (probably a bit over-critical if you ask my wife and daughter…haha). Too many of them are just a money grab with a ton of kids and not enough coaching. Particularly some of the “celeb” sponsored clinics. Mostly they look like they’re just herding cats. Normally I either don’t watch, or I watch and get really frustrated at the instruction (or lack of sometimes).

Not at all the case here. I thoroughly enjoyed watching all 3 hours of the clinic when I could and was legit disappointed on the couple days I couldn’t. I don’t know anywhere around here where your child will get more value for your $$ than with Coach Luke. They work hard…darn hard, and yet still have fun. He works on strong technique and fundamentals. But, also teaches good sportsmanship and discipline. Not just on the court but off as well. Emphasizes things like respect for others’ time and effort, doing well in school, and setting personal life goals. Loved that as he introduced the young men and women that were helping him coach he gave not just their basketball resume, but their academic one as well.

Haven’t had the chance to try out the Dribble Stick trainer yet, but looking to pick one up soon.

– Ryan


My son started out at age 5 with Luke using the dribble stick…he is now 11 and still uses the dribble stick while training and to keep up his ball handling! The dribble stick is used in all aspects of his workout!

– Jus


The dribble stick is an amazing invention. It can be used for so many different drills. Coach Luke is amazing with the kids and his class is 5 stars.

– D Blake


I cannot even begin to put into words the value and progression this program has provided for my daughters…. and the confidence is insurmountable!!

– Michelle


Wonderful program! My son learned so many valuable techniques and loved it. We will definitely be back for more classes. I highly recommend this program.

– Trina


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