The sport of basketball teaches important life lessons. Basketball not only trains your body in endurance, agility and strength, but molds your mind in patience, gratitude, sense of urgency and the benefits of hard work. Basketball illustrates that there’s no ‘I’ in team –– an important lesson that pays dividends on and off the court.

Basketball help you understand the importance of sacrifice and seeing yourself as a small part of a larger community. This includes sacrificing the game play to another team member that has a clearer shot. Other times it means sacrificing time that could be spent hanging out with friends to practice on the court before a big game.

Players gain knowledge in time management. They learn the benefits of creating priorities and recognize where certain efforts should be placed. Players learn to put the needs of the team and their future before their individual desires. Playing basketball involves a balancing act that players must learn to handle in order to succeed. Players learn patience and time management skills by scheduling  school, work, friends and the game into their daily lives.

Basketball teaches players how to remain humble. The game comes with wins and losses, success stories and heartbreaking failures. Players quickly learn how to adapt to these changes –– how to cope with their downfalls, but still remain hopeful for their triumphs. Basketball players know they’ll have their time to shine on the court, while recognizing that they wouldn’t be there without their coaches, families, teammates and friends support.

Players learn leadership through the game of basketball. They learn how to stand on their own two feet and take charge of their future. Players gain initiative, perspective and bravery. Basketball teaches players to stand up for themselves, confidence on and off the court, and the values of hard work .

The disciplines of basketball culminate in creating individuals who are open-minded, organized, fearless and grateful. Basketball takes fortitude. This game shapes individuals with useful lifelong skills.

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