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Looking to improve your basketball skills? Want a new way to train and improve your dribbling, shooting, dribbling, footwork and your all-around game? Dribble Stick Training offers a new approach to basketball training that gets results!

Our program helps you master basic techniques and learn new basketball-specific skills. The Dribble Stick Training program combines our one-of-a-kind product –– the Dribble Stick —  with a revolutionary online app to create a customizable, interactive program designed for all skill levels. The Dribble Stick’s arms accurately mimic a defenders arms, providing immediate feedback if you fail to dribble correctly to help you improve hand positioning, stance and speed with the ball.

Dribble Stick Training pushes athletes of all ages and skill levels to reach their full potential on the court. Coach Lloyd designed the training program to help you train like a pro. We offer individual and team training programs, with each workout tailored for specific fundamental skills.

The Dribble Stick team’s insight gathered from years of coaching and playing experience make this program easy-to-use and highly effective — successfully helping players to improve ball handling, shooting, dribbling, agility, footwork and passing. Players who follow the Dribble Stick Training program gain new competitive basketball skills and confidence they can take to the court..