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Are you ready to train like a pro and elevate your game to the next level?

Of course you are! Well then it’s time to experience the only basketball training program and app you’ll ever need — developed by pro basketball player Luke Lloyd!

Quickly develop your basketball skills using this revolutionary training tool that’s designed to challenge all ages and skill levels. Practice your game year-round with this compact, lightweight and fully customizable training aid, together with our live app, videos and companion workbook that tracks your progress. The flexible and adjustable Dribble Stick arms adjust for multiple drills and game situations and mimic a defenders arm — giving you immediate feedback to keep your training focused and fun.

Whether you use it in a gym, driveway, garage or basement, Dribble Stick Training challenges beginners and pros to elevate their game! With multiple training videos for the beginner or expert athlete, the training program includes stationary moves, agility training and even game situations to help you improve.

Over the course of years of training hundreds of athletes — from beginners to pros —Coach Luke Lloyd has developed a step-by-step video training system that is hands down the fastest way to master the dribbling skills you need to dominate you next game.

For more information about this revolutionary basketball training aid from the team at Dribble Stick Training, to download the free app or attend a camp or clinic, please contact us here.





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