How We Train

Welcome to Dribble Stick Training, where we revolutionize basketball skills development. 

Founded by former pro player and college coach Luke Lloyd, our one-of-a-kind training system is the key to unlocking your full basketball potential.

Proven Results, All Ages

Our basketball training program caters to players of all ages and skill levels, offering a wealth of professional experience and proven techniques. With hundreds of successful dribble stick graduates, our program speaks for itself.

Ready to take your game to new heights?

Unleash your true potential and master the court like a pro through Dribble Stick Training.

For more details, reach out to us here or call directly at 810.429.0790.

Next-Level Training,
Game-Like Results

Our specialized basketball training products will push you to new heights by combining cutting-edge technology with game-like simulations. Made from lightweight aircraft aluminum, the dribble stick ensures you master the fundamentals for improved dribbling, shooting, footwork, and agility.

Personalized Coaching,
Every Step

Whether you're a beginner or an expert, we have something for you. Our group, team, and one-on-one training options cater to all skill levels, providing personalized attention to help you reach your basketball goals.