Your Essential FAQs on Dribble Stick Training Revealed

Discover how our one-of-a-kind training system, combined with cutting-edge technology, can elevate your game to new heights. 

Get ready to unleash your true basketball potential with Dribble Stick Training!

What is Dribble Stick Training?
Dribble Stick Training is a basketball training program developed by former pro basketball player and college coach Luke Lloyd.
It offers a one-of-a-kind training system that focuses on improving dribbling, shooting, footwork, and agility skills.
What makes Dribble Stick Training unique?
Dribble Stick Training is unique because it combines specialized basketball training products, including the Dribble Stick itself, with an online app and additional training tools.

The Dribble Stick is made from lightweight aircraft aluminum and provides game-like simulations to enhance fundamental skills.
Who can benefit from Dribble Stick Training?
Dribble Stick Training suits players of all ages and skill levels, from beginners to experts. The program offers individual, group, and team training options for different needs.
How can I order Dribble Stick Training products?
To order Dribble Stick Training products, you can visit their website and place an order online. In-stock items are usually shipped within 48 hours of receiving the order.
What is the return policy for Dribble Stick Training products?
You must obtain a return authorization number from Dribble Stick Training's Customer Care Team for returns, refunds, and exchanges.

Returns must be postmarked within 30 days of the return authorization issue date, and items must be in their original condition with all tags, packaging, and accessories.

Shipping charges are refundable only for defective or incorrectly shipped merchandise.
Can custom orders be returned?
Custom orders may only be returned if the merchandise is defective or an error was made during the customization process.
Is the Dribble Stick Training app available for download?
Yes, the Dribble Stick Training app is available for download. The app allows you to access training programs and resources on the go, helping you improve your basketball skills.
What can I expect from Dribble Stick Training camps?
Dribble Stick Training camps are suitable for players of all skill levels and provide a fun and safe environment to work on the fundamentals of basketball.
How does the Dribble Stick help improve basketball skills?
The Dribble Stick's arms mimic a defender's arms, providing immediate feedback on dribbling techniques, hand positioning, stance, and speed with the ball.

This unique feedback system helps players improve their ball handling, shooting, dribbling, agility, footwork, and passing.
How can I contact Dribble Stick Training for more information?
To get more information about Dribble Stick Training, contact them through their website or call 810.429.0790. They will gladly assist you with any questions about their training programs and products.